Presentation Guideline

ISM-VI 2023

ISM-VI 2023 Conference Presentation Guideline

Dear authors,

To ensure a seamless and productive presentation experience, we have outlined the following guidelines for your 15-minute presentation slot. Please note the accurate slot schedule included in this version.

1. Presentation Duration: 15 minutes

  • Your presentation is divided into two segments: a 10-minute presentation and a 5-minute question and answer session.
  • A reminder will be given 2 minutes before your presentation time ends, and a bell will ring to signal the end of your time.
  • After your presentation, there will be a 5-minute question and answer session. Be ready to address questions from the audience related to your research and presentation. Keep your responses concise and relevant to the questions asked.

2. Time Management

  • Monitor your time closely for both the presentation and Q&A session.
  • The 2-minute reminder will assist you in wrapping up your presentation smoothly.
  • When the bell rings, kindly conclude your talk promptly, even if not all points are covered.

3. Visual Aids

  • Use visual aids such as PowerPoint slides or graphics to support your presentation.
  • Ensure your visual aids are clear, easy to read, and directly related to your content.

4. Technology Check

If you’re using audiovisual equipment, arrive early to ensure everything is set up and functioning properly.

Remember, your presentation is an opportunity to showcase your research and engage with fellow researchers, so make the most of it. We look forward to your insightful presentation and the meaningful discussions that will follow. Good luck!


Dr. Norshahida Shaadan
Chair ISM-VI 2023